The installation of the R Park drinking fountain for people and dogs was completed in early June, 2016. This drinking fountain is a cooperative venture by The City of Roeland Park, Jan Duncan who owns Synergy Construction Company in Roeland Park and Citizens Fundraising Initiative for R Park.

The City of Roeland Park collaborated with Water One to provide the work of running the pipe under the street, tying into the service line, and installing a backflow preventer. Jan Duncan is generously donated materials and crew to dig the trench and lay the water line across R Park, construct a concrete location pad, and install the drinking fountain as his gift to the City. Citizens Fundraising Initiative for R Park, with the help of generous residents and businesses raised the money to pay for the drinking fountain itself.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this drinking fountain project to make it a reality in R Park.

Drinking fountain

Enjoy the new drinking fountain in R Park! Tell your dog friends that water is waiting for them, too!