Jorge Blanco’s sculpture ‘See Red Run! was dedicated in R Park on June 29, 2019. City Council member Claudia McCormack began the Dedication and Arbor Day event with this presentation:

“I would like to welcome you all here today for a celebration of many amazing things happening in R Park! I am Claudia McCormack, Ward 3 City Council Member and a proud 10 year resident of Roeland Park.  

Thank you to the Community Engagement Committee for helping put this together! And to girl scout troop 1236, a group headed into 7th grade for helping with the kids activities.

I am privileged to be among you all today!

We come together this afternoon to feel like a community, to celebrate our space, our safety and our boundless potential as a cohesive group.

First, We are here to Dedicate and Celebrate our sophisticated and bold new art work “See Red Run” commissioned exclusively for Roeland Park by the very talented and industrious Arts Committee and fulfilled by the multi-faceted, esteemed and worldly artist Jorge Blanco. This fresh and bold public art piece demonstrates the commitment and dedication of our residents to bringing quality and beauty to this park and to the city.  

I would like to thank our incredibly resourceful and civically devoted Arts Committee for their steadfast dedication to serving our community by providing diverse Public Art for people of all ages to enjoy.  

We are very excited for all of the beautiful spaces, piece by piece,  in which the true nature of Roeland Park unfolds. 

In addition to our stunning new art, we are here to celebrate our belated and beloved Arbor Day.  With the addition of our recently planted array of trees, consistent with the Arboretum standard, we can spend the coming years watching them grow, change and bloom with the diversity of aesthetic that our public art inhabits.  

William Blake once wrote:“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see Nature all ridicule and deformity, and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, Nature is imagination itself.”

Today as we enjoy our neighbors, the view, fun music, warm sunshine and refreshing beverages let us stay here in this moment, every moment present, just as the trees stand. Free from judgement, released to sway with the winds and the storms, though always strong because of deep roots. We help grow our city by sinking our Roots into our community, our families and our spirituality. During these very uncertain times it is easy to become divided from issues both small and large. It seems as if, every day there is some new way to pull us farther apart as individuals. A new app, the familiar social network, the glowing screens slowly replacing eye contact.   This Park, these events, our people coming together is the cure for those disconnections.  

I am proud to be part of a City and a City Council committed to growing our relationships through welcoming, beautiful public spaces.

Thank you all for coming to this special event and sharing with us your time, your support and your love.”